John Davey Builders Merchants offer a delivery service to the areas shown on the map below.

The areas on the map below are split into 5 zones.

Shipping costs can be calculated in your shopping cart before you checkout.

Alternatively they are automatically applied once you have chosen your delivery address in the Amazon Pay Portal.

All delivery costs and which zone your postcode falls into are clearly shown before you click to place your order with us.

The delivery zone costs are shown below;


Zone 1: £8.40

Zone 2: £10.80

Zone 3: £15.60

Zone 4: £18.00

Zone 5: £36.00





CF35 5NW,CF35 5NX,CF35 5NP,CF35 5PN,CF35 5NG,CF35 6TA,CF35 6YT,CF35 5NN,CF35 5NH,CF35 5NL,CF35 5PP,CF35 5PL,CF35 6TB,CF35 5PY,CF35 5NJ,CF35 6YN,CF35 5PF,CF35 6YW,CF35 5RA,CF35 6UQ,CF35 6UH,CF35 5NF,CF35 5PW,CF35 5PE,CF35 6YP,CF35 6SX,CF35 5PH,CF35 6SY,CF35 5PG,CF35 5PB,CF35 6UW,CF35 5PR,CF35 6YH,CF35 6SS,CF35 6UP,CF35 6SN,CF35 6YS,CF35 6YL,CF35 6YU,CF35 6UT,CF35 5PS,CF35 6TD,CF35 6YR,CF35 6UU,CF35 6SH,CF35 6UJ,CF35 5PD,CF35 6SL,CF35 6US,CF35 6SQ,CF35 5NB,CF35 5LY,CF35 6TE,CF35 6YA,CF35 6TG,CF35 6RG,CF35 6UN,CF35 6UR,CF35 6YG,CF35 5LZ,CF35 5NA,CF35 6TF,CF35 6SJ,CF35 6YF,CF35 5HT,CF35 6YB,CF35 6SR,CF35 6YY,CF35 6ST,CF35 6SW,CF35 6SG,CF35 6UL,CF35 6RH,CF35 5PT,CF35 6UY,CF35 6TH,CF35 6TU,CF35 5NE,CF35 5PU,CF35 5ND,CF35 6YE,CF35 5LU,CF35 6SU,CF35 6TL,CF35 5LT,CF35 6YD,CF35 6TR,CF35 5JA,CF35 6LW,CF35 6TN,CF35 5LS,CF35 6RJ,CF35 6SP,CF35 6RL,CF35 6TW,CF35 6TS,CF35 5LR,CF35 5HX,CF35 6LS,CF35 6RW,CF35 6TT,CF35 6SF,CF35 6TP,CF35 6UA,CF35 5PX,CF35 5HJ,CF35 5AQ,CF35 6LQ,CF35 6RP,CF35 5LG,CF35 5PQ,CF35 6LR,CF35 5PA,CF35 6RN,CF35 6JA,CF35 6LJ,CF35 6RR,CF35 6PQ,CF35 6PR,CF35 6RS,CF35 6TY,CF35 6PP,CF35 5PJ,CF35 5QJ,CF35 6SB,CF35 6LP,CF35 6JQ,CF35 6RU,CF35 6SA,CF35 6JE,CF35 6LT,CF35 6RT,CF35 6JB,CF35 6JP,CF35 6RY,CF35 6SD,CF35 5QA,CF35 6SE,CF35 6LN,CF35 6JD,CF35 6LX,CF35 5LF,CF35 6NX,CF35 6PN,CF35 6PW,CF35 6JJ,CF35 5LE,CF35 6JS,CF35 5HZ,CF35 6JG,CF35 6LG,CF35 6JF,CF35 6LY,CF35 6JW,CF35 5LW,CF35 6LH,CF35 6JH,CF35 5LP,CF35 6LU,CF35 5LQ,CF35 6JL,CF35 6LZ,CF35 5LN,CF35 6JN,CF35 5HY,CF35 6RD,CF35 6PZ,CF35 5HU,CF35 5LL,CF35 6PT,CF35 5LX,CF35 6RF,CF35 5LJ,CF35 6JR,CF35 5BF,CF35 6NT,CF35 5PZ,CF35 5BX,CF35 5LD,CF35 6NE,CF35 6NA,CF35 6PU,CF35 5BU,CF35 5LA,CF35 5BQ,CF35 6PJ,CF35 5LB,CF35 6PB,CF35 6AF,CF35 6PD,CF35 5BY,CF35 6PE,CF35 5EB,CF35 6PF,CF35 6RA,CF35 5NQ


CF35 6GB, CF35 6HH, CF35 6HJ, CF35 6HR, CF35 6HS, CF35 6HT, CF35 6HU, CF35 6HX, CF35 6HY, CF35 6HZ. CF35 6LA, CF35 6LB, CF35 6LD, CF35 6LE, CF35 6LL, CF35 6NS, CF72 4AA, CF72 4AB, CF72 4AD, CF72 4AH, CF72 4AJ, CF72 9GT, CF72 9PX, CF72 9PZ, CF72 9QD, CF72 9QE, CF72 9QF, CF72 9QG, CF72 9QH, CF72 9QJ, CF72 9QL, CF72 9QN, CF72 9QP, CF72 9QQ, CF72 9QR, CF72 9QS, CF72 9QX, CF72 9QY, CF72 9QZ, CF72 9SG, CF72 9SH , CF72 9SJ, CF72 9SL, CF72 9SN, CF72 9SP, CF72 9SQM, CF72 9SR, CF72 9SU, CF72 9SW, CF72 9SX, CF72 9TA, CF72 9TB, CF72 9TD, CF72 9TE, CF72 9TF, CF72 9TG, CF72 9TH. CF72 9TJ, CF72 9TL, CF72 9TN, CF72 9TP, CF72 9TQ, CF72 9TR, CF72 9TS, CF72 9ZR, CF72 9BW, CF72 9FB, CF72 9FT, CF72 9GL, CF72 9GR, CF72 9GS, , CF72 9GU, CF72 9NG, CF72 9NR, CF72 9NS, CF72 9NT, CF72 9NU, CF72 9NW, CF72 9NX, CF72 9NY, CF72 9NZ ,CF72 9PA ,CF72 9PB , CF72 9PD, CF72 9PE, CF72 9PF, CF72 9PG, CF72 9PH, CF72 9PJ, CF72 9PL, CF72 9PN, CF72 9PP, CF72 9PQ, CF72 9PR, CF72 9PS, CF72 9PT, CF72 9PU, CF72 9PW, CF72 9PY, CF72 9QA, CF72 9QB, CF72 9QD, CF72 9QU, CF72 9QW, CF72 9QX, CF72 9RA, CF72 9RB, CF72 9RD, CF72 9RE, CF72 9RF, CF72 9RG, CF72 9RH, CF72 9RJ, CF72 9RL, CF72 9RZ , CF72 9SA, CF72 9SB, CF72 9SD, CF72 9SE, CF72 9SF, CF72 9SS, CF72 9ST, CF72 9SY, CF72 9TH. CF72 9TT, CF72 9TU, CF72 9TW, CF72 9TX, CF72 9UF, CF72 9UJ, CF72 9UL, CF72 9UN, CF72 9UQ, CF72 9UR, CF72 9US, CF72 9UT, CF72 9UU, CF72 9UX, CF72 9UY, CF72 9UZ, CF72 9WA, CF72 9WD, CF72 9WG, CF72 9WP, CF72 9WW, CF72 9ZB, CF72 9ZD


Any other CF35 postcodes not listed in zones 1 & 2

Any CF31 postcode

Any postcode beginning CF32 9

Any other postcode beginning CF72 9 that is not listed in zone 2


Any postcode beginning CF32 0

Any Postcode beginning CF71 7

Any postcode beginning CF32 8 or CF32 7

Any postcode beginning CF36 5, CF36 3, CF33 4, CF33 6

Any postcode beginning CF61 1 of CF61 2

Zone 5

Any postcode beginning CF38

Any postcode beginning CF15

Any postcode beginning CF5

Any postcode beginning CF39

Any Postcode beginning CF40

Any postcode beginning CF62

Any postcode beginning CF63

Any postcode beginning CF64

Any postcode beginning CF10

Any postcode beginning CF11

Any postcode beginning CF14

Any postcode beginning CF37

Any postcode beginning CF34

Any postcode beginning CF42 6

Any postcode beginning CF41 7

Any postcode beginning CF23

Any postcode beginning CF24

Any CF postcodes not listed are outside of our normal delivery areas.

Any customers wanting to place orders outside these areas would need to contact us by phone as extra charges and minimum order amounts may apply.